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For more than half of my life I've been making music. Growing up bilingual I was involved in different cultures which soon awoke in me an endless love for art, culture and music. This resulted in my exploration of the different arts.


From the age of 9 I took up playing the guitar, my love for the guitar in particular has grown ever since. In June 2023 I finished my bachelor studies at the Conservatoire of ArtEZ with my teacher Ulrich Steier. Currently I am continuing my study on the Master of Classical Music with teacher Jorrit Douwes.


Throughout the years I have been making music and giving concerts on various occasions, like playing in the Nederlands Jeugd Gitaarorkest (NJGO), the Dutch guitar orchestra for young professionals. Together with my sister, Laura Snijders, we formed a guitar duo, and with my friend and classical singer, Sofia Asghari, we performed both as a duo as well as a trio of two guitars and one voice. On recent development I've become more and more interested in working together with other art disciplines, like with the Dutch painter Thijs Segers, and with theater maker and director Rico Coenen.

Along with making music I like to create. At the beginning of my studies at ArtEZ, I started composing for the guitar, which resulted in playing my first composition at the Prinses Christina Concours 2019 where I received the Gaudeamus Prize for a special performance of a contemporary composition. During my bachelor I continued studying composition for other instruments as well with a minor from the Dutch composer Wilbert Bulsink. On my finals I composed, wrote and played my first play: 

Besides writing music, I spend my time painting, drawing and writing poems, for which I got nominated as an upcoming talent at De Johnny prize in november 2021. In 2023 I followed a course at the Poetry Circle Nowhere, a national organisation for poetry performance and spoken word.

​Through music, art and poetry my hope is to bring people together, providing a place for more feeling, where we can come closer to ourselves and our nature.

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